Originating as a family business endeavor in 1996, four brothers and their devoted father ventured into the world of retail, curating an exquisite collection of Canadian souvenirs and gifts that captured the hearts of global tourists.

Our passion took an exciting pivot towards sports, captivating sports enthusiasts worldwide by offering variety of sports gear including NHL, NBA, MLB, MLS, CFL, and European soccer teams. 

While our sport selection grew over the years, it was the allure of hats that truly stole the spotlight. In 2021, our collaboration with world renowned sports clothing brands gave birth to custom-designed hats that garnered immense popularity to sports enthusiasts and hat collectors and became our main focus to create something unique and meaningful to our customers. The synergy of fashion and sports allowed us to start a new venture offering exclusive hat designs and latest styles from iconic brands providing you with authenticity and a top quality product. With over 25 years of expertise in sportswear, you will find anything from iconic retro jerseys, limited edition items, to fashionable apparel that will have you represent your favorite team in style.