Hats come in all shapes and sizes, with many brands featuring their own perfect fit silhouettes. Finding the perfect fit ensures you'll not only look good but feel great too when wearing your cap and avoid something that is too tight that will make a pattern around your head, or something that is too loose that will fly away on a windy day. Whether you're a fan of fitted hats or stretch fit, we have you covered to determine and select the right fit for you.

Note that adjustable hats and beanies are made one size fits all. See product description for more details.


1. Use a flexible tape measure or a piece of string that is long enough to wrap around your head. For accurate dimensions, keep the way you wear your hair in the style that you will wear the hat.
2. Position the tape measure or string around your head slightly above your eyebrows and ears. It should encircle your head evenly.
3. Mark the total circumference in inches or centimeters. Use the number and compare with our size chart page